Product description:

The ASPRA Aura is a compact plug-and-play air purifier that is very easy to install. This means the air purifier can be placed in any room: in the room, on a cabinet, in the corner or even on the wall. Optionally, we can provide floor placement with a stand, providing vertical placement, which takes up less floor space.

ASPRA Lite air purifier

The air purifier recirculates the air in the room, providing complete room purification. The air purifier has a capacity of 400 m³/h and is placed in a room with a maximum floor area of 75 m². This means the air purifier is extremely suitable for your office or can be placed in waiting rooms.

The air flow of the air purifier can be adjusted with the stepless fan button. With a maximal sound production of 39 dB(A) in the highest setting, this air purifier is quieter than most air purifiers in the lowest setting.

ASPRA Aura purifies quickly and efficiently:

  • Coarse dust
  • Particulate matter (PM10 en PM2.5)
  • Ultrafine particulate matter (PM1, PM0.1 and nano-particles)

The collectors (particle filters) that are placed in the air purifier remove viruses, bacteria, pollen, fungi, traffic emissions, wood smoke, house mites, allergens and other microbiological pollutants permanently from the air.

The ASPRA Aura uses two-phase filtration. The first filtration step takes place inside the air cleaner where the particles adhere to the inside of the air cleaner. This ensures a longer service life for the collectors (particle filters). The inside of the air cleaner can be cleaned with the ASPRA Lite cleaning brush. The second and final filtration step are the collectors and the Activated carbon filter.

Benefits ASPRA Aura (Pro):

  • Purifies efficiently and quickly
  • Flexible
  • Removes fine particulate matter, viruses and allergens from the air
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent
  • Manual operation (capacity m3/h)

Benefits ASPRA Aura (Smart)

  • Purifies efficiently and quickly
  • Automatic purification based on air quality
  • Flexible
  • Removes fine particulate matter, viruses and allergens from the air
  • Built-in air quality sensor
  • Automatic optimal air purification
  • Management via web-portal and app

Would you like more information about the  ASPRA Aura Smart? Click here

ASPRA Aura is suitable for:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Catering en hospitality sector
  • Sport centres
  • Elevators
  • Cruise ships
  • Waiting rooms

Capacity in m³/h400
Power W max20
Efficiency in %97
Sounds max. dB(A)36-49
Weight in kg16
Size in mm
(L x B x H)

Lab-innovations supplies 3 different versions of the ASPRA Aura. Here you can find the differences between the different versions.

ASPRA Ceiling standaard versie

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