Product description:

The ASPRA L5000 is the perfect industrial air purifier. Due to the high capacity (5000 m³/h) and strong ventilator, particles are quickly removed from large amounts of air. The air purifier is very compact for its capacity and can be mounted to walls, ceilings or floor. By distributing multiple ASPRA L5000 air purifiers throughout the room, the complete room will be purified.

The air purifier efficiently and quickly removes course, fine and ultrafine particles (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, PM0.1) from the air. By adding a ACF module to the air purifier, gases and smells originating from for example industrial processes, will also be purified from the air.

The ASPRA L5000 is suitable for:

  • Sports centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Workshops
  • Airports
  • Underground car parks


  • Removes course, fine and ultrafine particulate matter from the air (PM10, PM2.5, PM1, PM0.1)
  • Low-maintenance
  • Silent
  • Widely applicable
  • Purification equal to HEPA
  • Manual operation (on/off) (Standard version)
  • Automatic optimal air purification (Smart version)
  • Management via web-portal en app (Smart version)

Capacity in m3/h5000
Power W max375
Efficiency in %99
Sound max. dB(A)63
Weight in kg140
Size in mm
(L x B x H)

Lab-innovations supplies 2 different versions of the ASPRA L5000. Here you can find the differences between the different versions.

ASPRA Ceiling standaard versie

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