Product description:

The ASPRA PMC is developed for the industrial and commercial market. This powerful and unique air cleaner easily and efficiently removes extreme dust concentrations from large amounts of air (up to 10.000 m³/h). 

The ASPRA PMC efficiently removes coarse dust, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5, PM1) and ultra-fine dust from the air. Large particles are captured on self-cleaning metal filters and small particles are collected in collectors (particulate filters). Resulting in a healthy and comfortable working environment and lower cleaning costs.

The air purifier is equipped with a self-cleaning system, where course dust (PM10 and larger) is captured in a collecting medium at the inner part of the system. The finer particles as PM2.5, PM1 and Ultrafine (nano) particles are then captured on the special open structure collectors (particle filter). Due to this two phase filtration, the ASPRA PMC requires low maintenance. Outflow from 3 or 4 sides possible.

This air purifier is suitable for:

  • Public facilities
  • Welding sites
  • Factories
  • Steel processing
  • Agricultural spaces

Benefits of this air purifier:

  • Effective reduction of all particles (coarse, fine and ultrafine)
  • High capacity combined with high efficiency(99%)
  • Low in maintenance
  • Easy dust collection
  • Comfortable indoor air
  • Manual operation (on/off) (Standard version)
  • Manual operation (capacity m³/h) (Pro version)

Capacity in m3/h10.000
Power in W max700
Efficiency in %99
Sound max. dB(A)58
Weight in kg280
Size in mm (outflow 3 sides)
(L x B x H)
Size in mm (outflow 4 sides)
(L x B x H)

Lab-innovations supplies 2 different versions of the ASPRA PMC. Here you can find the differences between the different versions.

ASPRA PMC Standaard versie

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