Lab-innovations can deliver a few different product versions for a couple of air purifiers. There are 3 different version: a standard  version, a pro version and a smart version. Each product page shows which versions are available. This page will explain the differences between the 3 versions.

Standard version

All products are available in a standard version. Standard versions are air purifiers that need to be turned on and off manually. The air purifiers do not contain sensors. They only react on the speed button on the application itself.

Lab-innovations’ latest product versions is the ASPRA Smart. The product page shows whether or not a smart version is available.

The ASPRA Smart air purifiers control and register the air quality and adjust the air purification accordingly. This provides insight into your indoor air quality, visible on both the air purifier as in an app and on a dedicated website. The air purifier completely unburdens you: turn on the air cleaner and enjoy optimal cleaned and purified air!

Pro version

The product page shows whether or not a pro version is available. This can differ per air purifier. The air purifier provides feedback to your Building Management System via potential-free contacts. The signals show the status of all your installed Pro products, centralized in one control point. This means that it is no longer necessary to check the status of each individual product at the location where it is installed.

The smart air purifier measures:

  • PM10 particulate matter
  • PM2.5 particulate matter
  • PM1 ultrafine particulate matter

The features of the ASPRA Smart air purifiers:

  • Integrated air quality sensor
  • Automatic optimal air purification
  • Real-time insight into your air quality
  • Air quality based on global standards
  • You have complete control
  • Air quality notifications
  • Service alert
Viewing indoor air quality

The air purifier registrates the measured data and the air quality. This data is available through the dedicated website and the app. In addition, the exact values ​​of all measured data are shown, including a review based on global standards.

Notification settings and remote control

The dedicated website can be used to view the air quality of multiple devices at once and to receive notifications. In this case, consider a notification when exceeding one or more air quality aspects. The app and dedicated website not only allow you to adjust the current purification mode of your air purifier, but also the weekly purification modes (when available in your air cleaner). In addition, you can check the status of your air purifier and see if your collector needs replacement.

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