This isolator has a floor space of 18m2. The SPF6003AVS isolator is an independent isolator without air treatment and must be connected to an external air treatment with hepa filters. It is possible to modify the isolator so that it will work stand-alone.

The isolator

The SPF6003AVS isolator has a standard floor space of 600x300cm.

The roof is equipped with 8 LED lamps for daily lighting and 4 LED lamps as work lighting for the laying nests.

On the roof are 4 float trays which provide the chickens with their daily water consumption.

An automatic feeding system has also been mounted on the roof of the isolator, consisting of 8 dosators and an opening motor. The feeding motor and feeding hopper are mounted next to the isolator. The foodd is transported to the dosators by means of a feeding chain.

Furthermore, a central air discharge pipe has been mounted with 6 control valves underneath with which the pressure in the isolator can be regulated.

An Actemium climate controller is mounted on the side of the isolator as instructed by the customer. This registers flow, pressure, temperature and humidity. There is also a possibility for alarms.

The main distribution electrical box is mounted on the top left of the isolator, this is where the main power supply comes in from the isolator. The sub-distribution cabinet is mounted under the Actemium climate controller.

Inside the isolator there are 2 laying nests on both sides for collecting the eggs which can be brought out through the dip tray. In front of the nests, 3 heat lamps hang on both sides, which can be adjusted according to your own wishes. The bottom is constructed with modular venco slat grids which lie on removable stainless steel support strips. On the grid are 8 drinking systems which can be mounted at any location as desired. Eight removable down pipes are mounted on the roof with the height-adjustable feeding pan underneath.

The air inlet pipe is mounted around the roof, where the throw of the incoming air can be determined as desired. By means of the floating rack and partitions, the isolator can be divided into four identical compartments as desired, where the food and drinking water are also evenly distributed. If there is too much dust on the windows, the window washing installation can be used, which is mounted on the inside of the insulator. The valve for operating the window cleaning installation is located on top of the roof at the front of the isolator. A manure valve is mounted at the rear of the isolator for discharging the manure. The bottom and sides, up until underneath the slatted floor, are provided with a special coating. An access hatch is mounted on both sides of the isolator.

The insulator is manufactured from 3mm stainless steel, 304 quality.

Because every situation is different, in practice only the functions that are activated for your specific situation will apply. This makes operating the isolator very simple and transparent.

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