We are specialised in projects like developing, producing, installing and maintaining customer specific lab equipment and various aspects surrounding it. Our products and services are used in the medical-, bio-process-, chemical-, pharmaceutical- and the food-sector as well as in different educational institutions.

If  you would like to know more or if you have any questions about our projects you can always contact us.

Special lab equipment

We design, produce, install and maintain your laboratory equipment, totally specified to your wishes.



By using a disinfectant we can reduce the amount of micro-organisms in areas where you would need it.


Our isolators are specifically designed according to the highest safety norms and meet the strict requirements of animal research.

Air purification

With our ASPRA air purifiers we can help you create healthier and cleaner air in your rooms.


We design, produce, install and maintain customer specific clean work areas, like cleanrooms. Our cleanroom solutions are based on high quality and many years of experience.


We offer a total package for all our products, so you get to keep everything under one roof. We also have our own 24/7 emergency service.