Group cages for poultry 

  • 3-tier stackable cage system.
  • Stainless steel and chemical resistant plastic. 
  • Group cages can be completely dissembled easily and placed in any climatized room. 
  • Stocking density max 10 SPF chicken up to 10 weeks of age. 

Per cage:

  • Perforated plastic floor. 
  • Attachable feeder boxes with separation grid. 
  • 4 nipple drinkers (with pressure regulator). 
  • Foraging box (for dust bathing).
  • Mushroom shaped perches (100 cm).
  • Dimmable LED light with controller (timer, dimmer, sunset/sundown function)
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Group cages for poultry
Group cages for poultry
Group cages for poultry