Product description:

The ASPRA L-C (Mobile) air purifier is a very complete air purifier. The air purifier is designed for high capacity particle and gas air purification. Coarse particles, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5, PM1), ultrafine and nanoparticles are permanently removed from the air with a 99% filtration efficiency. These particles are collected in the collectors (particulate filters). At the same time, the air purifier efficiently removes harmful and unwanted gases and odours from the air.

The ASPRA L-C recirculation air purifier is available in two capacities, both with stepless capacities, optionally equipped with source extraction:

  • ASPRA L-C 3
    Three cartridge floors high, outflow at 3 sides, capacity of 900 m³/h
    Fixed installation.
  • ASPRA L-C 6
    Six cartridge floors high, outflow at 3 sides, capacity of 1700 m³/h
    Fixed installation.
  • ASPRA L-C Mobile
    Three cartridge floors high, outflow at 4 sides, capacity of 1200 m³/h

Benefits ASPRA L-C

  • Purifies the entire room
  • Removes fine particulate matter
  • Captures and eliminates viruses
  • Silent
  • Low energy consumption, therefore cost efficient
  • No mould and/or fungi growth
  • Collectors can be replaced easily
  • Manual operation (on/off) (Standard version)
  • Manual operation (capacity m³/h) (Pro version)
  • Automatic optimal air purification (Smart version)
  • Management via web-portal en app (Smart version)

The air purifier is suitable for:

  • Workshops
  • Logistic centres
  • Metal industry
  • Construction companies
  • Production facilities
  • And more

Capacity 3 layers in m3/h900 (air flow sides 3)
Capacity 3 layers mobile in m3/h1 200 (air flow sides 4)
Capacity 6 layers in m3/h1 700 (air flow sides 3 )
Power in W max205
Efficiency in %99
Sound max. dB(A)64
Weight 3 layers in kg140
Weight 6 layers in kg280
Size 3 layers in mm
(L x B x H)
Size 6 layers in mm
(L x B x H)

Lab-innovations supplies 3 different versions of the ASPRA L – C (Mobile).  Here you can find the differences between the different versions.